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I made a butterfly ceiling lamp shade for myself over weekend and thought I’d share some brief instructions on how to make one yourself :D

Now before I start, I want to clarify that paper lamp shades are safe from fire if you use 40 watt compact florescent bulbs and leave an inch or more of space between the paper and the bulb. Make sure there are openings at the top of the bulb to allow ventilation. I’ve used that other two origami lamps for many years and never had any fire problems. The paper is barely warm after hours of use. But just to be safe, you should always test out your paper lamp shade and touch the paper closest to the bulb after a few hours of use to see if it’s too hot. 

Now to make the butterfly lamp shade, you’ll need an old metal coat hanger, some regular paper, string, glue, and tape. 

1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle
2. Cut out butterflies of various sizes on regular paper. (Fold the paper in half and cut out half a butterfly to create symmetrical wings)
3. Tape the largest butterflies to the coat hanger
4. Glue strings to the remaining butterflies
5. After the glue is dry, tie the strings to the coat hanger at various length until you have a flock of butterflies 
6. Put coat hanger over existing lamp shade and you’re done! :D

- For the lotus lamp, I just followed this youtube tutorial and modified it a bit to fit the lamp shade. I used bigger paper and less pedals per tier. 

- The round origami lamp is just a really big Arabesque Kusudama. Here’s a youtube tutorial for how to make one. Make sure to use much bigger paper than the ones in the tutorial for the lamp shades. There are many variations of kusudamas out there to choose from but be sure to pick one that has openings for ventilation. 

Have fun! :) 

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My motives aren’t so sophisticated as “revenge” or “honor” or any of that… The reason I killed all of those men… was because I could… It’s that simple.

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